Helping friends from soccer team to find jobs

March 27, 2015 Team building

WC-2014-Brasil.svgSoccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and this is most evident during last year’s World Cup in Brazil; it has the effect of bringing people from different countries and regions together. One of the most important things about soccer is the ability to create social change by creating employment for people in the community

It is important to encourage and help friends from soccer teams to find jobs and encourage people to have fun while playing. This is possible due to the different roles people must play in order to ensure smooth running of a soccer team. One of the basics for creating jobs in soccer is through looking for good players first and also not excluding anyone willing to play for the team. It should be able to fully reflect the structure of the local community.

Once the team is put in place, there is need to look for sponsors who will finance the team. The moment you get good financiers it will create job opportunities and ensure more participation from the local community. The possibilities of finding a career in a local football team are endless. Recently one of my friends who was looking for a job in the health industry found a vacancy for a surgical tech in a football team. The best thing about it was that the salary for the surgical techs was not so bad. It was far beyond what he thought the team would pay.

This is due to the fact that the professional staff in the football team are important in the smooth running of the team. The salary for surgical technicians is especially quite high. and people in the upper management of local teams also got very reasonable pay for their services. The prosperity of the team and ability to ensure that the locals get the satisfaction while playing makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.

It is also possible to use football teams to address some of the issues affecting the local communities. By doing this, the football team would be able to encourage unity in the handling of these issues. This makes it easier for more people in the community to attend their matches, thus, helping to fund the community projects of the local teams.

Another friend of mine also came across a pharmacy tech job (good pay!) through a football team. The salary was not much like working in mainstream jobs but it was manageable. Considering the good the team is able to do for the local community made him take the job. Within a short period of time he was able to proceed to better opportunities.

The most important thing to consider while trying to make a career through a local football team is your ability to transform the lives of people through fun; it should not only be purely about making good money. Appreciate the culture and diversity of the community. Make sure there is inclusion of all age groups. It is also possible to create days where they young ones play against older people. Sometimes it is possible to find corporate sponsorship, use such opportunities to market your resume so that it opens doors for you to work in the corporate world.

And finally, don’t forget to have as much fun as possible while working for a local football team.

Why Are Kids Crazy About Extreme Sports

March 2, 2015 sports

extreme sportsIt is really amazing to know what sports can do to a person’s life, but unfortunately, most children prefer to stay indoors and pound away at their keyboards instead of going outdoors and engage in various sporting activities. As a kid, I loved playing outdoor games such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball till I was well into my teen years, and still, I did not stop. I just could not resist the feel of a soft grass beneath my feet and a cool breeze blowing into my face as I run around. Sports did not only build my stamina but it also taught me some valuable lessons in life. For this reason, I advocate for sports, whether extreme sports or the simple ones.


Extreme sports are the latest craze in the current world, and even kids that are as young as four or five are fascinated with these sports. As a parent of a 10 year old who has been skateboarding and surfing ever since he was six, I can agree with many parents that it does make you nervous when they do crazy tricks. Some people despise extreme sports, but some view it as a talent and a blessing. However, it all depends on how you look at it. For example, with the current emergence of latest hairstyles for men, it is becoming hard for them to choose a style that will look good on them since various people have various perceptions on various haircuts. There are those styles categorized as black-men haircuts or white-men haircuts, but whichever style one chooses, the best thing is to be comfortable with it and perceive it positively. The same goes with extreme sports.


One of the good things of getting kids involved in extreme sports is that they enjoy the sport more than the television in your living room and your electricity bills eventually lowers. Many parents hopes to see this happen but it can only be possible if kids gets a sporting activity that is far much entertaining that the TV or a computer in the house. Even though skateboarding and surfing are probably the first extreme sports, biking and trick-blading are also interesting options.


If you get your kid a BMX bike, he will be so happy. This bike is just like a regular bike, but it is build heavy and tough to be able to withstand all the tricks and jumps, plus they have special pegs for the kid’s feet and padding to protect the kid where he is is most likely to come into contact with the bike. The bikes are mainly constructed for racing and tricks and can be ideal for your child.


Tricks-bladers use the same parks as skateboarders do but they wear a specially designed roller blades with smaller thicker wheels. It also has an added feature known as a grind plate to help them perform tricks such as sliding down rails.


Skateboarding is perceived to be the original extreme sport that started in the 1960’s when surfers started putting wheels on short-boards to give them a way to cross train when the surf was not available. It makes me cringe to watch as my son slides down a handrail while standing, but he has done it for years and has never broken a bone.


If you are like me, then the first time you will see your child perform any extreme sport, you will feel as if your heart is going to pound out of your chest and you will be worried every time they fall but as long as he/she has the right protective gears he will be fine. But, with time you will be enjoying it whenever you see him portray his expertise in that field. You will be a proud parent as I am today.

Junior Soccer Clubs Will Boost Your Kids Confidence

February 10, 2015 Soccer Game

junior football club

junior football clubChildren love playing all kinds of sports, but in most cases, the school and home environment may not always be the right place for them to learn all that is required of the sport they are interested in.
Teachers who are overly pushy with very strict rules may often make it difficult for children to completely express themselves and enjoy the sport. At home, there may be lack of enough space and a lot of interference from family members making it almost impossible for children to concentrate in the game they are interested in.
For example, if the home has a red nose pitbull puppy and the child is playing soccer, the puppy may want to join in the game. This makes the child play with caution so that the puppy is not hurt. Learn more about mini pitbull here.
However, thanks to the emergence of junior football clubs, kids now have the chance to be what they want to be, and at the same time get some confidence boost.
Junior football clubs do not treat kids like they are treated by PE and sport teachers. These clubs create a more relaxed atmosphere for children and they do not make them feel pressured to perform as they are when in school. Teachers shouting commands and embarrassing a kid often lowers a child’s self esteem, and that’s why your child should join a junior club if they love a sport so as to improve their skills. Children always relish the chance to out and play soccer, and it even makes then look forward to their next day in school since they know they will go and play after school or during the weekends.
Lack of confidence is one of the major issues a lot of children deal with and the situation may get worse. Young kids who get bullied are always looking for a way out and football may be one of those. Boys particularly love football and the ability to play in a junior football club is usually a dream come true for many of them. Additionally, there are some girls who really love playing soccer too and its increasingly becoming a favorite sport for many of them.
Most coaches for junior teams are highly experienced in dealing with young kids so they know what works for them best. They encourage children to work in teams rather than approaching the game from an individual perspective so that they do not make them feel overwhelmed to perform. They also encourage the kids to provide touchline support. This is by encouraging those players not playing to get involved by cheering their team mates. This helps in keeping them involved in the action, rather than glancing over to check out what their parents are doing.
In junior clubs, children are encouraged to praise one another. Those kids who have scored a goal are encouraged to acknowledge the pass from their teammate that enabled them to score the goal. This helps in increasing each team member’s confidence and even recognizes those members who even started the pass that led to the goal.
If you really want to improve your child’s confidence, always think of enrolling them in a junior football club as this will make them happy.

Sport Is Not Meant for Kids Only and It Involves Much more Than Keeping Fit

November 3, 2014 sports

sports for adultsEver wondered why all playgrounds are usually full of kids only? Well, I have and at times it is trend of seeing only kids playing that forces adults to think that playing is meant for kids only. What bothers most is the fact that once one reaches the mid twenties, he/she is not expected to be seen enjoying himself in the field freely as he would in his teenage years. Why does this happen, why is the notion of enjoyment limited to a particular age group? I think I know why. The major cause must be our society’s traditions and perceptions enforced ever-so-commonly about aiming and sticking for life’s goals and advancing into a career path with little or no opportunities for recluse. Centrally to the society’s beliefs, sports are crucial to every living thing, and you are not an exception.

As someone who has been involved in sports for the better part of my life, I have learned that it is much more than physical exercise. Well, we can start by the widely accepted views that getting regular exercises is of benefit to your vital organs by getting your heart pumping, lungs working appropriately, and your legs or arm muscles helps in improving your stamina. This in turn helps you in fighting diseases and stays generally healthy. In fact, even the renowned hair care and beauty experts’ advice their clients to stay active for improved look. Even as you purchase the best shampoo that is volumizing, you still need to get active to maintain a healthy hair. One thing that people overlook is the importance of exercise on pets. Human beings are not the only people who need to get active, even pets needs to be active to improve on their health. As you buy a dog that don’t shed, you need to know that for you to enjoy his company he needs to stay healthy and the best way is to ensure he gets active, you can do this by playing with him since dogs are known to be good players. (more…)

How Soccer Boosts Local Economy

October 29, 2014 In the World of Sports, Soccer Game, sports

soccer productsDuring the recent FIFA World Cup in Brazil, there was a lot of discussion about the massive price tag the country had to pay to host the event, as well as the long-term positive effects on the economy in return. Before the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, the construction of the stadiums listed here underwent extreme scrutiny because of economic impact concerns. However, it is also possible that the boost in tourism and other industries can be more than enough to cover the high costs of infrastructure spending, security details, and other expenditures related to the World Cup and other major soccer events like these other international competitions.

What about the economic effects of soccer to local communities? Your city or town probably has at least one local soccer association or sports organization that regularly hosts tournaments for amateur soccer teams. In a smaller but equally important way, the boost that the World Cup brings to the local economy of the host country may also be evident and maximized in local communities and cities.

Soccer brings clubs and spectators not only from within the community but also from surrounding areas, so this is an opportune time for businesses in your town to advertise, connect with potential markets, and establish their presence. Soccer fields are large areas that offer great outdoor advertising spots, and local businesses would do well to take advantage of this.

During extended soccer events or tournaments, another industry that would benefit in your locality would be hotels. Visiting teams and their supporters would likely want to find accommodations within proximity to the venue and save on travel time and fuel expenses. Local-area hotels would get an immediate boost in occupancy, from budget motels to high-end residence hotels.

Of course, restaurants and other establishments in your community also benefit from soccer tournaments. The more people converge in your town to participate or watch the soccer matches, the more customers you can expect in your community’s various family restaurants, diners, bars, clubs, and cafes. This would be a chance for local diners and mom-and-pop restaurants in your town to expand their clientele and become known to non-locals.

Establishments such as gas stations and service centers also experience a boost in traffic and sales. Because teams and fans bring their vehicles with them to the venue, they will likely get fuel or need maintenance or service checks done at your local motorist establishments. Even car wash centers can also cash in on the increase in traffic, as you might see a higher-than usual number of cars and Jeep Wranglers around town like the ones on website.

Practice facilities, gymnasiums, and fitness centers may also benefit from the increase of customers when a soccer tournament is held in the local community. Soccer team will want to practice in between scheduled matches, or use local gyms or fitness centers to work out and stay fit. In the same way, fans who are staying in your community for an extended period of time while the tournament is ongoing will also look for gyms and other health and fitness facilities during their stay.

Shopping centers and retail establishments definitely feel the added boost in sales when soccer tournaments are hosted in your area. In between soccer matches, people will look for things to do, and shopping is usually at the top of the list. Tourist attractions, museums, or other points of interest in your local community should also be optimized to accommodate an increase in traffic when a big soccer tournament is being held.


October 17, 2014 sports

role of sportsThe importance of sports in every individual’s life and especially to students is inevitable. Apart from having numerous advantages related to physical health, there are numerous advantages that are related to mental well being. The importance of games and sports is increasingly being recognized in India and in other parts of the world from both educational and social points of view. More and more money is being allocated to encourage sports in schools, colleges, and even in the universities.

In the year 2012, the US department of health and human services reported that participation in sports records have reached record levels. In fact, during 2010-2011 academic years, 55% of high school students participated in sports. It is proven that sports can create an impact on kids and adults, offering them an opportunity to exercise as well as spending time with their peers in a healthy environment. You do not have to ignore that pool in your home that is cloudy. All you need to do is to clear cloudy in your pool water (this site has a good tutorial) and get sporting. Swimming is a great sport that you and the members of your family can take advantage of and reap the benefits.

Physical benefits
According to US department of human services and health, sports can make you stronger and healthier thus contributing to lower obesity rates. In most cases, athletes have lower body mass indexes, but this does not mean that if you are not an athlete you should not participate in sports, no. You can also benefit from developing muscles and burning calories as well. Active people records lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, participating regularly in sports, you will benefit from a better heart and lung functioning. If you train your child to engage in sports when young, he is likely to grow up as an active adult and this means that he/she will always be fit and healthy. Sports also leads to a healthy hair, if you want to enjoy every hairstyle for men, then you need to ensure that your hair stays healthy and exercising is the best way to maintain a healthy hair. Some of the games that you or your child can engage in are baseball, soccer, hockey, and swimming.

Healthy socializing
According to the research, children who like sports are less likely to engage themselves in drugs and smoking. Female athletes are also less likely to become pregnant at an early age. For children, playing may help them develop friendships centered on healthy, enjoyable, and safe activities. For adults, playing soccer may give them an opportunity to develop friendships centered around active lifestyle if we go deeper; team practice and competitions offer socializing options that are healthier and more active when compared to regular sessions.

Contribution to academic success
Those people who play sports tend to do better in school. This is according to US health and human services department. Students who are athletes attain higher grades on standardized tests. Apart from that, they also have low dropout rates and better chances of getting into colleges.

Building character values
When it comes to characters and values, sports plays a crucial role. This is according to sports and department org. This is because a coach can teach your kids on values such as honesty, team work and fair play. Learning to follow rules as well as respecting team mates is a crucial virtue in your child’s life. Experiencing the role of a graceful winner and a loser teaches you how to be humble and competition in general can teach participants about confidence, self-respect, and managing stress.

In conclusion, has sports has not only been said to be a manifestation of animal energy and surplus strength to develop more strength but it is also safe and wholesome solution for aggressive spirit in human beings. Take interest in sports, play, and make your life easy and better.

To Dive Or Not To Dive

October 14, 2014 In the World of Sports

soccer_divingEvery sport features different techniques that players use to gain an advantage over opponents and win the game. As soccer continues to gain popularity among more Americans, different strategies and techniques for winning soccer matches are also gaining ground among enthusiasts. Of particular interest among soccer fans is the move known as “diving”, or falling to the ground intentionally as if injured in order to get a foul.

Diving, also known as stimulation as stated in this article, has become a very controversial subject in the sport. In many cases, the contact that actually ensues is exaggerated in order to score via penalty or free kicks. What has been almost universally agreed on, however, is the unfair advantage that diving in soccer causes, and soccer associations all over the world consider this move a cheap ploy. It is viewed as very similar to “flopping” in basketball, as described in this online source.

Incidences of diving in soccer have become all too common that many studies have been conducted in order to give officials better information and guidelines on how to detect diving. In March 2010, a study by Paul Morris and David Lewis entitled Tackling Diving: The Perception of Deceptive Intentions in Association Football pointed out some of the usual characteristics that point to a soccer dive, such as:

      • time lapse between actual impact and the simulation
      • no ballistic continuity (or the player falls further than expected)>
      • lack of consistency in contact
      • Archer’s bow pose, or the head tilted back, chest forward, arms raised and the legs bent.

Steps have been taken to minimize the practice of diving in soccer, and to penalize those who are caught doing this. The International Federation of Association Football or FIFA recently made some changes to game rules specifically dealing with diving, stating “Attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation) must be sanctioned as unsporting behavior”. Diving is now meted a yellow card, and more sanctions are being considered to restrict diving.

Several high profile incidences of diving in European tournaments have also recently called for stricter measures against this technique. Arsenal forward Eduardo da Silva was banned by UEFA in 2009 because of a dive he committed in a Champions League qualifier match versus Celtic. An appeal later overturned the UEFA ban on da Silva.

Over in the Scottish FA, a ban was imposed in 2011 on Rangers player Sone Aluko for a simulation in their game versus Dunfermline Athletic. The Rangers club appealed the ban but failed. And in the United States’ Major League Soccer, forward Alvaro Saborio of Real Salt Lake was suspended one game with a $1000 fine for diving in a 2011 game versus the San Jose Earthquakes.

Aspiring and current soccer players are not encouraged to pick up this technique of diving, but instead they should strive to master the basic skills and strategies in the sport that are accepted and within the rules of the game.

You can learn more about diving and its implications by regularly watching not only soccer matches, but also soccer-related programs from the U.S. and around the world. You will find various discussions on different soccer-related topics on sports channels available in your Comcast line-up, or if that is not enough you can even stream soccer-related programs from overseas via your Internet connection (call the phone number for Comcast listed here for assistance with this).

How to create a fun coaching environment

October 10, 2014 Uncategorized

Soccer is a fantastic game that should be enjoyable and fun for everyone in the field. When children play soccer, you can tell if they are having fun by the enthusiasm, energy, and effort that they put into the game. In most cases, this enthusiasm and energy is not seen into training session since some may appear unmotivated and disinterested when in training sessions mainly because they view training as meaningless or boring. All they want to do is to play. Therefore, it is a coach’s responsibility to create a fun training environment to make kids love the sessions. Here are tips to help you out:


A coach should have fun

You need to remember that enthusiasm is caught not taught. Kids can easily pick a coach’s mood and will end up mirroring their performance with your mood. If you are flat and disinterested, that is how they will be. A motivated and enthusiastic coach will have motivated and enthusiastic children to work with.


Maintain a competition

It is good that every player or group has a realistic opportunity for winning if you want to maintain their enthusiasm. With the use of a simple handicapping system can help you attain this, as long as it is dimmed to be fair.


Provide positive feedback

Making mistakes is an integral part of a learning process. In most cases, we learn from our mistakes and so does player. For this reason, a coach should ensure that a player is worldly rewarded for trying and give a positive feedback as to how to correct the mistake in future.


Coaching is so similar to any other form of learning and for this reason, a fun and friendly environment is crucial for kids to master all the skills effectively.

Local Indoor Soccer, Anyone?

October 9, 2014 Soccer Game

indoorsoccerProfessional soccer in the United States still lags behind football, baseball, and basketball in terms of popularity, although the U.S. soccer team’s strong performance in the recent World Cup has certainly helped to boost awareness from the grassroots level. In addition, more neighborhoods and communities across the nation now have convenient access to indoor soccer facilities. Whereas soccer fields in parks and schools are the usual venues for the sport, indoor soccer has also attracted a following because it is not subject to inclement weather conditions.

Indoor soccer is not new to the United States, with indoor soccer tournaments dating back to the 1920′s. Currently, the largest ongoing youth and adult indoor soccer tournament in the country is the National Indoor Championship with around 1,200 teams. Other professional and amateur indoor soccer leagues in North America include the Major Arena Soccer League and the Premier Arena Soccer League-Premier.

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits to indoor soccer is that it affords complete climate control. Whereas outdoor soccer fields are subject to rain, snow, ice, hail, storms, and other weather elements, indoor soccer facilities are not affected by external conditions. This means even during the winter when temperatures are freezing and ice and snow may prevent you from playing soccer outside, the game goes on indoors.

There are some differences in indoor soccer rules, particularly with the number of players and the duration of the game. You can refer to this page to get learn about the universal rules for indoor soccer. As such, indoor soccer has a faster pace and is also an excellent way for amateur or professional soccer teams to stay in shape and on point even during the off-season. Meanwhile, for casual sports and fitness enthusiasts, indoor soccer is a great avenue for physical exercise.

Indoor soccer is also a family-friendly sports activity. Because of the smaller field size, it is easier for youngsters to get involved in, and even for adults. There are more touches and scoring opportunities per player, so kids will definitely enjoy indoor soccer. With the year-round availability of indoor soccer facilities across the country, there is ample opportunity to learn and enjoy this sport with your loved ones.

On the other hand, one consideration you may need to keep in mind before looking into indoor soccer is the availability of facilities in your area. While soccer fields are abundant across the U.S., indoor soccer gyms are not as plentiful yet. You will be more likely to find an indoor soccer facility close to you if you reside in larger cities and suburbs, and less likely in more rural areas or small towns. A quick online search or contacting your local county should give you an idea regarding indoor soccer facilities close to you. You can also refer to this online guide which has a list of all the indoor soccer venues in the country.

On your Charter cable lineup, you will find plenty of shows and niche channels that feature indoor soccer tournaments at both local, regional, and national levels. This will also make you more aware of opportunities to watch live indoor soccer events. In local markets, smaller cable networks also regularly air indoor soccer tournaments so you can keep up with teams and events. If indoor soccer coverage on TV is limited in your area, meanwhile, you can go online and find a variety of sites that feature all things indoor soccer across the U.S. and even North America. Make sure you call the Charter customer service phone number listed here if you have any issues with your Charter cable or Internet service.

How to Support a Child’s Love for Soccer

October 9, 2014 Uncategorized

grandpasportsIt’s inevitable – as soon as you see your grandchild, you will immediately fall in love. Though there area few people who might not accept their old age and the fact that their family line has just added another level, most grandparents give their kids utmost and undivided love, no matter how many grandchildren they have.

Because of this love, you want to know everything there is to know about your grandchild’s life.  You make it a point to be informed of his hobbies and interests, so you can think of ways how you can spend time together and connect. One good way of doing this is through sports.

There’s a chance that your grandchild will play a sport you’ve played when you were younger, and that, of course is a good thing. As pointed out in this article, kids and teens’ interest in sports prevent various modern problems associated with adolescence like obesity and depression. If you and your grandkid happen to have an interest in the same sport, then you can share stories of how you did when you played. However, if he participates in an athletic endeavor you aren’t familiar with, consider yourself lucky! You get the chance to learn a new sport, all told from the point of view of your grandkid. Listen to how he describes the plays and actually concentrate to get the objective of the game.

So when your grandkid tells you he wants to learn how to play soccer, or he’s already enjoying the games he plays at school, think of this as an excellent opportunity to connect with him. How do you show support for the child’s love for soccer? Here are a few tips:


Don’t Force It

We get it – you will be excited. If this is the first time your little boy (or girl) has expressed interest in a sport, you may get carried away with imagining that he will be the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Some parents take their kids to practice six days a week, while others enroll their kids in three to four sports, reasoning that they’ll be well rounded that way. If you see your grandchild getting stressed over the sport, let him breathe and decide for himself how much practice he’s going to do. If he loves the sport, he will make an effort to go to the field.

Injuries Can Happen

If you aren’t familiar with soccer, a few games will convince you that a 90-minute match can be dangerous. Players kick the ball with all their might, and people with lesser control over their feet movements might kick the ball in the wrong direction – which may result to your grandchild being injured. Accept that small scrapes and wounds are part of the game. As your grandchild gets better, the risk of injury lessens as well.

Show Consistent Support

Show up at every game. It sounds so easy, but it actually requires you to make an effort. You may also opt to create fantasy sports league and play the FIFA video game to have more fun even when you’re at home. Take a look at this list of top sports-themed video games so you and your grandkid can agree on which ones to play. Following your favorite sports teams is also another way to enjoy the game. You can discuss statistics, plays and all the sports jargon and show your grandkid how cool you can be.


Can’t make it to this game? Don’t fret. Now, it’s easier than ever to call your loved ones with the various cell phone plans for seniors featured in this website.  A phone call to your grandchild preceding his game, whether it’s a few hours or a few days before, will remind him of your love and support, even though you may not be physically present. Afterwards, ask him about his performance as well and what he thought of his play. This is one of the great bonding moments you can share with your grandchild, and one that he will truly appreciate.

Top Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach

September 25, 2014 coaching

soccer coachIn the monarchy of personal development, there are two things that I passionately believe in; people’s skills are as a worthy set of skills to grow, and coaching as an ideal method to employ. I believe in coaching because I believe that it can take your personal development faster and further in every area that you have interest in, and most especially when it comes to soccer.

I have been coaching soccer for the past 5 years and I can assure you it is not an easy task and so you need to have the required qualities. You also need to understand that coaching involves more than just designing plays for free kicks or team formations. It involves accepting a huge responsibility since you are in a position where parents have put their kids under your care. Below are some of the qualities that you need to possess as a soccer coach:

1. Good role model
As a soccer coach, you need to understand that your team needs someone worth imitating. A soccer coach needs to keep in mind that they are going to be their team’s leader who is relied on for their success. Being a role model means that you should teach them positive attitude to win a game. It would be a shame to teach something that you do not possess. You would be like someone who tells people how good beers that do not contain alcohol are, yet when asked to name one of them you do not know. To be a guru in knowing the best beer in the market, an individual needs to visit to learn how he/she can get an opportunity to sip some of the best beers from all over the world. Likewise, to be a guru in soccer coaching you need to poses good qualities that can be copied by others.

2. Punctuality
A soccer coach needs to be the best time keeper. I always arrive 30 minutes earlier to manage the training set-up before my players arrive. This helps me save time and I am always able to focus on training objective by starting on time for every session. If a soccer coach arrives late, there are higher chances that soccer players will get bored or copy your behavior and start coming late as well. This is not good for any team since discipline is very important.

3. Good listener
A soccer coach should constantly seek his team’s involvement. One way to ensure there is team involvement is by asking for their views after every game. A coach needs to be a good listener because every player has his/her own brilliant idea to share, and it is good to keep on encouraging them to speak out and put whatever they say into consideration.

4. A good communicator
Communication in soccer coaching includes giving clear instructions in a friendly way, recognizing player’s performance, and encouraging them to do better. A coach needs to be careful when using words since children believe that a coach is always right and a negative comment can automatically lover a player’s self-esteem. Even if they do something wrong, find ways to positively convey your comment in a positive way.

5. Teaching soccer fundamentals
When coaching soccer, you need to understand that it is a game and players need to have fun. Therefore, you need to help them be the best they can by creating a fun and productive practicing environment. Use all the game’s approach to teaching and practicing tactics and skills that youngsters needs to learn. Also, you need to educate yourself to have a working understanding of defensive and offensive skills.

6. Direct players in the game
This is one trait that every soccer coach should possess. Soccer training cannot be successful if you do not guide the players when in the field. Game directions include figuring out starting line-up, relating to officials, and making good tactical decisions. The focus should not be on winning at all costs but rather teaching kids how to compete well and win.

When coaching kids, I always give them an opportunity to achieve their full potentials. I always remind them that soccer the most popular and enjoyable game in the world and kids should have as much fun as possible when training.



How to Meet the Physical Demands of Soccer

September 24, 2014 health tips

soccerwarmupSoccer is a very enjoyable sport to play, but it is also one of the most physically challenging. You need to be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to be able to play soccer well and last through the entire game. Preparing for soccer is not something that happens quickly. Rather, you need to start your preparations very early on and establish good habits that keep you as healthy and fit as possible for the game. Making small changes to your lifestyle each day make you a stronger, more durable soccer player.

Getting ample amounts of sleep is a must for soccer players. Sleep gives the body time to refresh and regain energy. The day before you have a big soccer game, give your body at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. The excitement of thinking about the game the next day may make it hard to fall asleep, so make sure you have different techniques that you know will help you get sleepy and tired. If you have been consistently experiencing anxiety then it is important that you recognize and address the problem. You can try following the helpful tips provided in this page, or better yet, consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

The right training, exercise, and workouts are important to maintain if you are serious about becoming the best soccer player you can be. Training and practice sessions stretch your body’s endurance and prepare you for the demands of the actual soccer game. Exercise and workouts, meanwhile, increase your strength and agility. As you exercise and build your body’s resistance and conditioning, the intervals and challenges should also be gradually increase. You should be focused on challenging yourself more and more as time goes on.

Diet and nutrition are key factors in preparing for soccer games. What you eat will determine how healthy your body will be, and how quickly you can recover and replenish your energy. For athletes such as soccer players, foods rich in carbohydrates and protein are always recommended as part of daily nutrition intake. Carbohydrates and protein are sources of energy and endurance, so they are essential especially because soccer matches are long and require lots of running. Choose foods that provide the required protein and carbs. Check out this website for the best dairy free protein powder brands available.

Before a big soccer game, you should not eat a very large meal within four hours from game time. This is because the body is expending energy when it is digesting food, and you would not want your body to be digesting while also playing on the field. Eat well and allow your body enough time to digest and build up energy for the soccer game. Do not forget to hydrate yourself properly as well. Soccer is a game with a lot of running involved, so you will inevitably sweat a lot and require fluid rehydration. Drink lots of water and other fluids during the game and after.

Stretching should be part of the routine of any serious athlete, and is especially important for soccer players. Stretching your muscles properly will help your performance, and also minimize the risk of various injuries that could be avoided. Stretching legs, arms, and the whole body is important not only before a big soccer game, but also before and after practices, training sessions, and workouts. If you have a team physician or trainer, talk to them about establishing the best stretching routine that you can include in your exercise and pre-game rituals. The importance of stretching should not be taken for granted as emphasized by this article.