Vital skills For Goalkeeping Success

A soccer goalkeeper plays a critical role. He/she requires excellent skills and a great athletic ability. Often, many young football clubs will underestimate the need to train their young player’s important goalkeeping skills. I remember when my son was new to surfing and how the trainer insisted that we only get him the best beginner surfboards so that he can learn the essential skills from the beginning. I realized that it is important that these young kids are taught the most valuable skills when they are getting started for success in every sport they are interested in.


Although sometimes some of the trainers may lack the necessary skills to train these young ones, training goalkeepers on the fundamental skills they need to be successful while young should be a primary objective in the success of any team.

Here are some things to remember when training youngsters to help them prosper in their role as a goalkeeper.


Every young goalkeeper should be taught proper footwork. A goalkeeper should endeavor to be light on their toes and move swiftly in their goal area. Good footwork assists a goalkeeper to attack the ball properly and protect their goal well.

You don’t need perfect ball skills with your feet; however, you should be in a position to receive, pass and on the ball with exactness.

This is vital as your players should be in a position to give the ball back to you when under pressure.


Knowing how to cut angles is a necessary skill to learn for every young goalkeeper. For instance, in a case situation where a goalie should stop an oncoming attacker, natural movements such as rushing to meet the attack and making use of momentum and footwork will assist in closing off the attacker’s chances to score goals.



Diving is an important skill for every goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper, you should aim to land on your side and grip the ball fast into your stomach.

Do not dive head first, rather, perform the dive from the side so as to protect your head.

The problem with diving with the head first is that your opponent can kick your head rather than the ball which may cause a grave injury.


One thing that most goalkeepers forget is talking with their teammates. Being vocal is an essential skill during a soccer game.

When you communicate, you make it easier for your teammates to mark the opposition. This is vital because if your opponents are not marked, they can do what they want. Remember your teammates will not be able to see the entire field while you are better placed. This is vital because you can let them know what opponents to mark.

Do not shout at them when they make mistakes. Rather, encourage them even when such an error leads to a score from the other team. Communication is an important life skill, something a young goalkeeper can make use of in their daily lives.

Quick Reflexes

One of the critical aspects of all goalies is having quick reflexes. Reflexes is not a skill that comes on its own, you will have to regularly practice it to be perfect.

Proficient goalkeepers will work extra hard to improve their reflexes and if you’d like to be one of them, you need to give your best to be better.
The best way to get good reflexes is to play as indoor soccer goalkeeper or play in a handball team.

These skills are very important for the young goalkeeper to make use of for goalkeeping success. There is a lot more you will come across as a goal keeper, but the above skills rank high.

Here’s How to Support Your Kid’s Love for Soccer

Every parent wants the best for their child and because of all this love; you’ll want to know all what your kid is interested in. You make a point to always remain updated of his/her hobbies and interests so that you can come up with ways you can spend some time together as you connect.
One of the best ways of doing this is through sports. If your son or daughter tells you they are interested in playing soccer, think of how you can support your kid’s love for the game. Here are some tips that have worked for me. My children have always loved soccer since they were young and I had to come up with ways to support their love for the game all through the years.

Here, I share tips on how I support their love for soccer.

Young kids football team
Do not Force It

I understand it-you will be excited when your child starts showing their love for soccer. If it’s your first child, you may easily get carried away thinking that he will be the next David Beckham or Wayne Rooney. Some parents will even take their kids for practice six days in a week while others may enroll their children in more than one sport thinking that the child will be well rounded. The truth is that; this will actually make kids hate sports in general. If you notice your child is getting stressed over sports, this may be a sign of fatigue or boredom. Allow him to decide how many days of the week he wants to practice and then stick to that. If your child loves the sport, they will always make an effort to go to the field.

Injuries Do Happen

If you have not been in the field playing soccer, you may not be convinced that a 90 minute match can actually be dangerous. Players kick the ball with all their strength, and for those players with less control over their feet movements, it’s easy to kick the ball in the wrong direction thus causing injuries. Be ready to deal with small wounds and scratches as that comes as part of the game. As your child gets better in their soccer skills, the risk of injury lessens as well.

Show Constant Support

Be there during every game. Though this may sound so simple, it actually requires you to make some effort. Watching the game itself is a great teacher. As a parent, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from just sitting watching my kids play with others. I have also made it a point to discuss the game afterwards when we get home pointing out some tactics and errors that I observed while watching. When at home, create a fantasy sports league and play the FIFA video game with your child.

Learn the game

As a parent with a child who loves soccer, be sure to learn the game. Have some information on soccer rules, soccer terminology and equipment for soccer. You can also buy some videos about the game so that the entire family learns something about the game.
These are simple tips, but they are important ways of showing your child that you support their love for soccer. This also makes them feel confident when in the field.

Junior Soccer Clubs Will Boost Your Kids Confidence

junior football clubChildren love playing all kinds of sports, but in most cases, the school and home environment may not always be the right place for them to learn all that is required of the sport they are interested in.
Teachers who are overly pushy with very strict rules may often make it difficult for children to completely express themselves and enjoy the sport. At home, there may be lack of enough space and a lot of interference from family members making it almost impossible for children to concentrate in the game they are interested in.
For example, if the home has a red nose pitbull puppy and the child is playing soccer, the puppy may want to join in the game. This makes the child play with caution so that the puppy is not hurt. Learn more about mini pitbull here.
However, thanks to the emergence of junior football clubs, kids now have the chance to be what they want to be, and at the same time get some confidence boost.
Junior football clubs do not treat kids like they are treated by PE and sport teachers. These clubs create a more relaxed atmosphere for children and they do not make them feel pressured to perform as they are when in school. Teachers shouting commands and embarrassing a kid often lowers a child’s self esteem, and that’s why your child should join a junior club if they love a sport so as to improve their skills. Children always relish the chance to out and play soccer, and it even makes then look forward to their next day in school since they know they will go and play after school or during the weekends.
Lack of confidence is one of the major issues a lot of children deal with and the situation may get worse. Young kids who get bullied are always looking for a way out and football may be one of those. Boys particularly love football and the ability to play in a junior football club is usually a dream come true for many of them. Additionally, there are some girls who really love playing soccer too and its increasingly becoming a favorite sport for many of them.
Most coaches for junior teams are highly experienced in dealing with young kids so they know what works for them best. They encourage children to work in teams rather than approaching the game from an individual perspective so that they do not make them feel overwhelmed to perform. They also encourage the kids to provide touchline support. This is by encouraging those players not playing to get involved by cheering their team mates. This helps in keeping them involved in the action, rather than glancing over to check out what their parents are doing.
In junior clubs, children are encouraged to praise one another. Those kids who have scored a goal are encouraged to acknowledge the pass from their teammate that enabled them to score the goal. This helps in increasing each team member’s confidence and even recognizes those members who even started the pass that led to the goal.
If you really want to improve your child’s confidence, always think of enrolling them in a junior football club as this will make them happy.


role of sportsThe importance of sports in every individual’s life and especially to students is inevitable. Apart from having numerous advantages related to physical health, there are numerous advantages that are related to mental well being. The importance of games and sports is increasingly being recognized in India and in other parts of the world from both educational and social points of view. More and more money is being allocated to encourage sports in schools, colleges, and even in the universities.

In the year 2012, the US department of health and human services reported that participation in sports records have reached record levels. In fact, during 2010-2011 academic years, 55% of high school students participated in sports. It is proven that sports can create an impact on kids and adults, offering them an opportunity to exercise as well as spending time with their peers in a healthy environment. You do not have to ignore that pool in your home that is cloudy. All you need to do is to clear cloudy in your pool water (this site has a good tutorial) and get sporting. Swimming is a great sport that you and the members of your family can take advantage of and reap the benefits.

Physical benefits
According to US department of human services and health, sports can make you stronger and healthier thus contributing to lower obesity rates. In most cases, athletes have lower body mass indexes, but this does not mean that if you are not an athlete you should not participate in sports, no. You can also benefit from developing muscles and burning calories as well. Active people records lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, participating regularly in sports, you will benefit from a better heart and lung functioning. If you train your child to engage in sports when young, he is likely to grow up as an active adult and this means that he/she will always be fit and healthy. Sports also leads to a healthy hair, if you want to enjoy every hairstyle for men, then you need to ensure that your hair stays healthy and exercising is the best way to maintain a healthy hair. Some of the games that you or your child can engage in are baseball, soccer, hockey, and swimming.

Healthy socializing
According to the research, children who like sports are less likely to engage themselves in drugs and smoking. Female athletes are also less likely to become pregnant at an early age. For children, playing may help them develop friendships centered on healthy, enjoyable, and safe activities. For adults, playing soccer may give them an opportunity to develop friendships centered around active lifestyle if we go deeper; team practice and competitions offer socializing options that are healthier and more active when compared to regular sessions.

Contribution to academic success
Those people who play sports tend to do better in school. This is according to US health and human services department. Students who are athletes attain higher grades on standardized tests. Apart from that, they also have low dropout rates and better chances of getting into colleges.

Building character values
When it comes to characters and values, sports plays a crucial role. This is according to sports and department org. This is because a coach can teach your kids on values such as honesty, team work and fair play. Learning to follow rules as well as respecting team mates is a crucial virtue in your child’s life. Experiencing the role of a graceful winner and a loser teaches you how to be humble and competition in general can teach participants about confidence, self-respect, and managing stress.

In conclusion, has sports has not only been said to be a manifestation of animal energy and surplus strength to develop more strength but it is also safe and wholesome solution for aggressive spirit in human beings. Take interest in sports, play, and make your life easy and better.

How to create a fun coaching environment

Soccer is a fantastic game that should be enjoyable and fun for everyone in the field. When children play soccer, you can tell if they are having fun by the enthusiasm, energy, and effort that they put into the game. In most cases, this enthusiasm and energy is not seen into training session since some may appear unmotivated and disinterested when in training sessions mainly because they view training as meaningless or boring. All they want to do is to play. Therefore, it is a coach’s responsibility to create a fun training environment to make kids love the sessions. Here are tips to help you out:


A coach should have fun

You need to remember that enthusiasm is caught not taught. Kids can easily pick a coach’s mood and will end up mirroring their performance with your mood. If you are flat and disinterested, that is how they will be. A motivated and enthusiastic coach will have motivated and enthusiastic children to work with.


Maintain a competition

It is good that every player or group has a realistic opportunity for winning if you want to maintain their enthusiasm. With the use of a simple handicapping system can help you attain this, as long as it is dimmed to be fair.


Provide positive feedback

Making mistakes is an integral part of a learning process. In most cases, we learn from our mistakes and so does player. For this reason, a coach should ensure that a player is worldly rewarded for trying and give a positive feedback as to how to correct the mistake in future.


Coaching is so similar to any other form of learning and for this reason, a fun and friendly environment is crucial for kids to master all the skills effectively.

Benefits of comics on kids

comics 2As a soccer coach, I spend most of my time with younger kids that I coach in my local area. One thing that I have realized is that kids can relate well to things that are funny, than things that seems serious and straight forward. At times, I allow my team to read for 30 minutes and I realized kids love comics. One day a 7 years old girl asked me to define eccentric, surveillance, forfeit, and why insomnia is bad. “What could she be reading?” I wondered. One thing I was sure of is that she wasn’t reading president’s biography, Garfield, or the New Yorker. I was surprised that she was nose deep in her comic book. In fact, she was able to answer all the questions she asked me. This is when I decided to offer comic drawing lessons after every soccer practice and kids loved it. If you think that comics aren’t of any help on kids, then you are wrong. Below are some of the benefits of comics on kids:

1. Increased inference
Comics are proven to improve inference skills for pre-school kids who struggle to read. Inference means reading between lines and enough comprehension. Comics are helpful in that they infer meaning from pictures and a child will be able to relate the picture to the story told in the book.

2. Add vocabularies
Some comic books intentionally introduce big words for kids to think over. It helps kids add to their personal world bank via inference while asking help from parents and even open a dictionary. Since it relates to a comic, a child is less likely to forget.

3. Future profession
As kids learn how to draw comics and you notice that your kid is good in it, you can keep on encouraging him to draw more to hone his skills. You do not have to assume that since nobody in your family has anything to do with cartooning it is not good for your son. The truth is there are numerous comic creators who are just first generation comic artists and are earning millions. It is hard to know your kids’ best profession. If your kid loves trucking, this is a job that he can combine with comics and still have great time. There numerous trucking companies offering trucking lessons. To learn more about this, you may read more here.

Even as you look for truck driving companies, learning more on how to become a truck driver can help you make a more informed decision. If you visit you will be able to know more on truck driving cost.

4. Creating confidence
Pictures can effectively build a kid’s confidence. This is because when a child looks at a page with comics, he gets a positive perception of the text inside the book, rather than an overwhelming page full of text. Comics typically provide a few sentences with numerous emotional cues. Those kids who are not confident can be independent readers by looking at comics and seeing visual texts, such as “says Tom”,

5. Improved bonding
Nothing brings kids together like a case of giggles. Kids can rediscover their favorite funnies when sharing a good joke from a comic. Alternatively, a parent can choose a graphic novel for kids that talk about childhood complaints and issues.

6. A great pastime hobby
Comic drawing can be a great pastime hobby which can get kids started early since it is not physically demanding. Kids can easily pursue this hobby because it cannot affect their studies.

7. Improved eye coordination
Skills acquired in drawing comics will help kids in their studies. This is because it improves eye-hand coordination and observation skill which will help them even in the future regardless of the profession they choose.

Kids can learn the basics and start using their imaginations to come up with awesome comics that have never been seen. You will be surprised when you see them in future being the most sought after cartoon artists.

Who say soccer coach can’t draw? My hobby as a comic artist

comicsMost of my friends know I play soccer, coach soccer, and love soccer. But they don’t know that comics is another passion of mine. I actually met a lot of kids who also love comics and soccer (yes, which kid doesn’t like comics). So I figure I will post an article showing my readers how to draw comics.

If you have been to amusement parks or street fair lately, then you may have seen a caricature artist in action. Many people stop by to get their comic portrait drawn in a comic style, usually in large heads and smaller bodies while doing something funny. If you would like to learn how to draw comics, then you are in the right place. So are you ready? Let’s do this. This article will help you come up with a professionally drawn cartoon in 3 simple steps:

1. Plan your comics before you draw

a. Number of characters

You need to decide on how many characters will be used in the comic. Before putting your pencil on a paper, you should have an idea of the number.

b. Develop a plot outline

You need to understand how you want the basic action to flow as soon as you begin plotting your frames. A frame is a single square in a comic page.

c. Start plotting your comic

Plotting involves sketching rough frames on each page and placing quick and rough sketches of the characters in them.

d. Create model sheets for characters

A model sheet needs to include a character’s drawing from two angles and contain of as much details as possible. This is because you will refer to this later as you get down to serous business to be able to maintain continuity of your comic.

2. Draw your comic

Start by using a ruler to draw in frames on the paper. As you draw, you can refer back to your rough plotting sketches to ensure that your drawing has the correct frame size and positions.

Draw careful sketches of your characters into the frames. You can use the sketches at first so that you can make adjustments later if you need to do so.

Grab your characters model sheets so that you can begin filling in costumes and faces. You need every character to have the exact costume and features throughout your comic. Therefore, you should refer to your sheet model more often.


You can now review your work so far since this is the best stage to solve any problem such costume inaccuracies or awkward positioning of the characters.


3. Add the finishing touches

Erase any model lines accidental marks on your comic


Darken the outlines of the comic characters to make sure they stand out more clearly against the background.


Darken frame lines so that the reader can easily know where the frame ends

Review your work one last time for continuity and detail


Crucial Tips

Use a less expensive paper when you are plotting your comics. This is because the drawing will mainly serve as references.


You should use the first frame of your comic to establish a setting. For example, this can be done by drawing a school entrance picture or a dark forest.


When plotting your comic, make sure you leave a room for conversation bubbles.


This may seem like a lot of work but that is not the case. Even though it will take a little bit of your time, the fulfillment you will get after coming up with a meaningful and stunning comic will overshadow the time you spent on it. The best thing about comic is that you can do it as a part time job.


Some of the jobs that you can do while drawing comic are nanny jobs or cashier. To get these jobs, you obviously need to have a competitive resume. Just visit to get tips on how to come up with a good nanny job resume. Also, you will get resume writing tips for a cashier jobs and land on your dream job. But if you want to make comic drawing your job, just follow the above tips and you will be a comic guru!

The Benefits Of Playing Soccer For Your Children

family playing soccerGrowing up, I loved soccer and I always organized for community soccer matches when I became a little older. I would play soccer until I would forget to even go back home for lunch. My children are exactly like me, although I do not allow them to go play soccer in neighborhoods that are far away from where we live. I like encouraging them so that they can become better players and we have formed a community soccer football club where children always meet on weekends in the evenings so that they can play soccer.
Weekends are the days my family always looks forward to because after the soccer match, we head home to make some nice homemade food for dinner. We all have to get into the kitchen and prepare our dinner which is usually some nice fish with herbs that grow in our garden. I use one of my favorite fillet knives to carefully remove all the bones from the fish as the children grind the herbs with a good herb grinder I bought in a yard sale.
Although some of my friends do not like letting their children play, I always try to explain to them that the health benefits of playing soccer outweigh all the challenges that come with it. It is difficult trying to explain to them but most of them finally see my point of view and allow their kids to join the community soccer club. Here are some benefits of playing soccer for children;

Improves Fitness

A soccer player should be fit and agile. Soccer provides this since children jog up and down and run after the ball. These activities make their bones stronger and minimize their chances of becoming obese due to a sedentary life.

Builds Social Skills

A soccer team will enable your child to learn how to interact and to tolerate others. For a team to win a game, they must communicate effectively and also work together. Kids who play soccer have great social skills and high self confidence.

Develops A Good Self Image

Football has an emphasis on the success of a team and not an individual. It encourages team work and it puts very little stress on a child allowing the kid to identify personally with the success of their team. It is very rare for a soccer player to be singled out or to be put on the spot and soccer players share their success as a team rather than an individual. This allows children who are not so good at the game to participate in the game and enjoy.
Soccer also instills very important life lessons to children. It isn’t the most popular sport in the world for nothing. Encouraging your children to play will be improving the quality of their lives. There are so many other benefits of playing soccer, but these are the most important ones. As a soccer family, we always look forward to weekends so that we can go for a soccer match. It keeps us fit and happy.

Things You Should Never Say at Your Kids Soccer Game

kids playing soccerMy two boys love soccer. They play a lot of soccer and I always accompany them whenever there is a match. Before we head out for any soccer match, I ensure I put enough sunscreen on their face to prevent them from a lot of exposure to the sun. They also have long hair which sometimes is usually quite a challenge dealing with, but I always use one of the best conditioners that works wonders on their long full hairs. My hair is also like theirs so to avoid any frizzy look while I am busy cheering them; I also ensure I visit my hairstylist who does a great job on my hair by conditioning it with one of my favorite conditioners that is usually very deep.

When they were a bit younger, I used to be so overly excited about a game and I would lose control and start yelling at them while they are playing. I have grown, and so have they. One of my boys once threatened that he would not go to a soccer match with me because I used to embarrass them by shouting at the top of my voice during soccer matches.

I realized my vocal behavior was interfering with how my sons performed and so I decided to always be quiet and calm during games, which also allowed me to listen to the things that we as parents say to our kids. Here is a list of some things you should never say to your kids during a soccer match.

That was stupid! You should start playing well!

This is one of the worst remarks most parents say to their children. I believe this phrase can be said in a better way like “you should be playing well or correctly” this only makes the kid angrier and you will just be lowering their self esteem.

Stop being lazy! Run after the ball!

Some parents will often say this phrase so loudly without thinking of what they are actually doing. I am sorry, but some parents are so unfit they cannot even run to save their lives. And here they are telling their kids who are in the pitch they are lazy? Seriously!

You are such a poor ref! You have no idea of the rules of the game!

Most refs in soccer matches for children are quite young about 17 years. A soccer match is usually very fast and it may be difficult to see everything that takes place in the field. I have at times gotten angry with refs but only if the game was getting out of control, and children are getting injured. Other than that, I always ensure I keep quiet during a game. Bad calls are often made, but at the end, they tend to balance out.

Stop crying like a girl and get up!

I am not a fan of the overprotective parents who keep worrying every time their kids get a small bump. Or parents that keep running in the field each time their child falls down. However, this is the opposite. What are you trying to teach your kid by shouting at them when they are actually hurting? Yes, I know some children need some tough love, but a little bit of attention doesn’t hurt.
I have stopped the mad cheering for my children, but that has made me realize that the best parents are the ones who encourage their children. Our kids do not want us to watch them in silence, but all they want to hear is some positive encouragement.

The Best Parents Day for My Soccer Team

parentdaySports loom large in the current world and while there are numerous insidious aspects to this, sports value, and most especially soccer team value in kids should not be underestimated. Soccer is the most loved sport in the world making it the best for kids to practice. I love soccer and that is why I thought of coaching soccer to a group of youth in my local area.


I have been coaching soccer for a long time now and this is something I cannot regret doing. The last game of this season captured the essence of coaching and playing well. Every single kid that I trained was trying his best to play to the top of his ability. Seeing them compete effectively against a very good team, attacking storm in the first half and scored a goal gave me morale. Such happenings are what keep me going and willing to make them better than they are.


As kids get older, they naturally develop their personal life which means there will be fewer ways for their parents to get involved. However, I realized even for those teenagers who are in most cases determined to shut their parents out, they usually tolerate them attending their games or paying them a visit during training. This is why I organized a parent’s day for my soccer team and sent out invitation letters to them. Surprisingly, all parents attended and kids were happy to see them.


I made parents understand that at the beginning or in the middle school, mean girls and cliques can be social minefields, and boys can divide themselves into groups with defined lines, which can end up harming their future. When a child joins a soccer group, this can be beneficial since the group cuts across all social divides bringing together kids from different groups. Being part of a team helps kids learn more positive things from one another and develop a sense of belonging.


On that parent’s day, I realized that one of the parent’s dilemmas is when to push a kid, and when to back off. This is because the issue surfaces in every aspect of their lives; from academic, music, to sports. However, I made them realize that for every child, there is a different answer because for every family there is a different story. But when it comes to sports, there are some universal truths. With soccer, many things will happen. Games will be won, some will be lost, a child may incur injuries, he might hate the coach when disciplined, but all this will be for his good because this will form a strong foundation that his future will rest upon.


After having a meeting with parents and allowing them enjoy watching their son’s play, I invited some of them to share what they do for a living and hear of their recommendation for their kids.

I realized that majority of them were business people who own their own companies. Others were pilots, affiliate marketers, real estate agents and owners, construction engineers, hotel owners, chefs, and nurses. One of the last ones I spoke to was a big time doctor in California. Another interesting parent was a sales manager for a major scotch company. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all types of liquor and he shared a few good resources to learn more about liquors. If you are interested, you can visit to learn more about scotch. Surprisingly, none of them was in sports industry but they seemed to admire my career choice.


When I asked them about their recommendation for their kids when it comes to career, there was this one man who surprised me, he wished for his son to venture into construction work duties. Others recommended medical fields, banking, engineering, and management. However, some recommend chef jobs since and they felt it served better. But what made me happy was the fact that all of them thought that playing soccer was the best career for their kids and asked me to make sure they become gurus in football.


The day was fun, getting to know my team member’s parents and hearing what they have to say about their kids motivated me to continue coaching them.



How Our Local Soccer Team Helps Our Community

dog_soccerSchool and youth sports teams have traditionally worked with local community organizations. Bake sales, fundraisers, and volunteering in the local community are very common practices that school administrators and coaches promote on a regular basis. Sports, especially youth sports, is not just about winning or loosing. It’s about sportsmanship and working together. Helping each other and giving back.

By partnering up with local charities and organizations such as the local Humane Society or SPCA, members of youth sports teams are given the opportunity to not only excel in sports, but excel in other aspects of life as well. When children volunteer, not only do they help to support a charity or organization in their community, but they also gain very important and useful skills that will stick with them for the rest of their life.

This is how our soccer team helps our community:

-Our youth soccer team recently partnered up with the the local human society to provide the charity with volunteers to help walk, feed, and socialize the animals. Shelter dogs can get lonely because they are not yet part of a home, but these young volunteers giving a couple hours of their time makes a huge difference in the lives of these dogs. The youth in out community help in the adoption clinics aimed at finding homes for shelter pets including mixed breeds, labs, boxers, beagles, pit bulls, etc.

-The soccer team also holds semi-annual events to raise awareness for shelter pets in need of full time homes. Awareness is a huge factor because it educates people on the topic and brings in more community volunteers and donations. Bake sales, car washes, and special soccer games directed to the cause, are ways in which these youth teams raise awareness and funds to charities and organizations that help animals in need.

-Food drives are held throughout the year to provide food and necessities for shelter dogs and cats. People bring boxes full and sometimes even car loads of high fiber dog food, treats, cat food, cat litter, and toys.

Teamwork is something learned in youth sports, and the lesson extends outside of the game and into the community. Working hand in hand, local charities and youth sports teams are learning and benefiting from each other.

How I Was Able to Meet New Friends by Coaching Soccer

Soccer is one of the games that are loved by all, regardless of age from all over the world. However, not many get an kidssocceropportunity to learn how to play it, especially young kids. This is because many think that kids may not follow rules accordingly, but all these are just but mere speculations. I thought of coaching kids under the age of 10 in my local area on how to play soccer and I do not regret it. Many people overlook coaching soccer, because they perceive it an inferior job, however, when I decided to take on this route, I had my motivations. I wanted to coach kids and get to spend time with them since I naturally love kids, and soccer is also my passion.

I help these kids have fun when playing and mastering new skills. Another great thing about coaching is that it offers me an opportunity to have immense and crucial influence on the future of my community and country at large. Besides, a hero does not come from nowhere. Even the famous soccer players started from somewhere, and someone coached them to who they are today. I fully understand that coaching soccer, especially to kids is not an easy task, but as I coach them I get to develop something I have passion for. Even if it has some challenges, there are rewards as well. Responsibility, leadership, and commitment are some of the skills I benefit from when coaching soccer. I never thought that I would make so many friends by coaching soccer.

Ever since I started coaching these kids, I have been able to build contacts in my community and neighborhood. Parents of the kids in my team usually come to pay a visit as we train and they are always overwhelmed by the sight of their kids mastering soccer skills. I get an opportunity to chat with them and share a lot about life. Just recently, I met Tony’s mum, we talked about career and she told me she loves being in medical field and so she was preparing a MA resume. She told me that another option she has is to use her background in certified nursing assistant to get a job. She can easily secure a job, all she need is to write a cna resume and apply. I encouraged her not to give up and give her a resource ( for preparing resume. My team is now well equipped with outstanding skills on soccer and I believe as they grow up, they will master more skills and be soccer gurus in future. I always tell my team that soccer is more than just a sport; I made them believe that it can change their lives for the better. In fact, it has helped even those shy kids to build lasting friendships, just like soccer coaching has done to me so far. I have made so many friends than I could ever imagine.