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Vital skills For Goalkeeping Success

A soccer goalkeeper plays a critical role. He/she requires excellent skills and a great athletic ability. Often, many young football clubs will underestimate the need to train their young player’s important goalkeeping skills. I remember when my son was new to surfing and how the trainer insisted that we only get him the best beginner surfboards so that he can learn the essential skills from the beginning. I realized that it is important that these young kids are taught the most valuable skills when they are getting started for success in every sport they are interested in.


Although sometimes some of the trainers may lack the necessary skills to train these young ones, training goalkeepers on the fundamental skills they need to be successful while young should be a primary objective in the success of any team.

Here are some things to remember when training youngsters to help them prosper in their role as a goalkeeper.


Every young goalkeeper should be taught proper footwork. A goalkeeper should endeavor to be light on their toes and move swiftly in their goal area. Good footwork assists a goalkeeper to attack the ball properly and protect their goal well.

You don’t need perfect ball skills with your feet; however, you should be in a position to receive, pass and on the ball with exactness.

This is vital as your players should be in a position to give the ball back to you when under pressure.


Knowing how to cut angles is a necessary skill to learn for every young goalkeeper. For instance, in a case situation where a goalie should stop an oncoming attacker, natural movements such as rushing to meet the attack and making use of momentum and footwork will assist in closing off the attacker’s chances to score goals.



Diving is an important skill for every goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper, you should aim to land on your side and grip the ball fast into your stomach.

Do not dive head first, rather, perform the dive from the side so as to protect your head.

The problem with diving with the head first is that your opponent can kick your head rather than the ball which may cause a grave injury.


One thing that most goalkeepers forget is talking with their teammates. Being vocal is an essential skill during a soccer game.

When you communicate, you make it easier for your teammates to mark the opposition. This is vital because if your opponents are not marked, they can do what they want. Remember your teammates will not be able to see the entire field while you are better placed. This is vital because you can let them know what opponents to mark.

Do not shout at them when they make mistakes. Rather, encourage them even when such an error leads to a score from the other team. Communication is an important life skill, something a young goalkeeper can make use of in their daily lives.

Quick Reflexes

One of the critical aspects of all goalies is having quick reflexes. Reflexes is not a skill that comes on its own, you will have to regularly practice it to be perfect.

Proficient goalkeepers will work extra hard to improve their reflexes and if you’d like to be one of them, you need to give your best to be better.
The best way to get good reflexes is to play as indoor soccer goalkeeper or play in a handball team.

These skills are very important for the young goalkeeper to make use of for goalkeeping success. There is a lot more you will come across as a goal keeper, but the above skills rank high.

The Best Parents Day for My Soccer Team

parentdaySports loom large in the current world and while there are numerous insidious aspects to this, sports value, and most especially soccer team value in kids should not be underestimated. Soccer is the most loved sport in the world making it the best for kids to practice. I love soccer and that is why I thought of coaching soccer to a group of youth in my local area.


I have been coaching soccer for a long time now and this is something I cannot regret doing. The last game of this season captured the essence of coaching and playing well. Every single kid that I trained was trying his best to play to the top of his ability. Seeing them compete effectively against a very good team, attacking storm in the first half and scored a goal gave me morale. Such happenings are what keep me going and willing to make them better than they are.


As kids get older, they naturally develop their personal life which means there will be fewer ways for their parents to get involved. However, I realized even for those teenagers who are in most cases determined to shut their parents out, they usually tolerate them attending their games or paying them a visit during training. This is why I organized a parent’s day for my soccer team and sent out invitation letters to them. Surprisingly, all parents attended and kids were happy to see them.


I made parents understand that at the beginning or in the middle school, mean girls and cliques can be social minefields, and boys can divide themselves into groups with defined lines, which can end up harming their future. When a child joins a soccer group, this can be beneficial since the group cuts across all social divides bringing together kids from different groups. Being part of a team helps kids learn more positive things from one another and develop a sense of belonging.


On that parent’s day, I realized that one of the parent’s dilemmas is when to push a kid, and when to back off. This is because the issue surfaces in every aspect of their lives; from academic, music, to sports. However, I made them realize that for every child, there is a different answer because for every family there is a different story. But when it comes to sports, there are some universal truths. With soccer, many things will happen. Games will be won, some will be lost, a child may incur injuries, he might hate the coach when disciplined, but all this will be for his good because this will form a strong foundation that his future will rest upon.


After having a meeting with parents and allowing them enjoy watching their son’s play, I invited some of them to share what they do for a living and hear of their recommendation for their kids.

I realized that majority of them were business people who own their own companies. Others were pilots, affiliate marketers, real estate agents and owners, construction engineers, hotel owners, chefs, and nurses. One of the last ones I spoke to was a big time doctor in California. Another interesting parent was a sales manager for a major scotch company. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all types of liquor and he shared a few good resources to learn more about liquors. If you are interested, you can visit to learn more about scotch. Surprisingly, none of them was in sports industry but they seemed to admire my career choice.


When I asked them about their recommendation for their kids when it comes to career, there was this one man who surprised me, he wished for his son to venture into construction work duties. Others recommended medical fields, banking, engineering, and management. However, some recommend chef jobs since and they felt it served better. But what made me happy was the fact that all of them thought that playing soccer was the best career for their kids and asked me to make sure they become gurus in football.


The day was fun, getting to know my team member’s parents and hearing what they have to say about their kids motivated me to continue coaching them.



How I Was Able to Meet New Friends by Coaching Soccer

Soccer is one of the games that are loved by all, regardless of age from all over the world. However, not many get an kidssocceropportunity to learn how to play it, especially young kids. This is because many think that kids may not follow rules accordingly, but all these are just but mere speculations. I thought of coaching kids under the age of 10 in my local area on how to play soccer and I do not regret it. Many people overlook coaching soccer, because they perceive it an inferior job, however, when I decided to take on this route, I had my motivations. I wanted to coach kids and get to spend time with them since I naturally love kids, and soccer is also my passion.

I help these kids have fun when playing and mastering new skills. Another great thing about coaching is that it offers me an opportunity to have immense and crucial influence on the future of my community and country at large. Besides, a hero does not come from nowhere. Even the famous soccer players started from somewhere, and someone coached them to who they are today. I fully understand that coaching soccer, especially to kids is not an easy task, but as I coach them I get to develop something I have passion for. Even if it has some challenges, there are rewards as well. Responsibility, leadership, and commitment are some of the skills I benefit from when coaching soccer. I never thought that I would make so many friends by coaching soccer.

Ever since I started coaching these kids, I have been able to build contacts in my community and neighborhood. Parents of the kids in my team usually come to pay a visit as we train and they are always overwhelmed by the sight of their kids mastering soccer skills. I get an opportunity to chat with them and share a lot about life. Just recently, I met Tony’s mum, we talked about career and she told me she loves being in medical field and so she was preparing a MA resume. She told me that another option she has is to use her background in certified nursing assistant to get a job. She can easily secure a job, all she need is to write a cna resume and apply. I encouraged her not to give up and give her a resource ( for preparing resume. My team is now well equipped with outstanding skills on soccer and I believe as they grow up, they will master more skills and be soccer gurus in future. I always tell my team that soccer is more than just a sport; I made them believe that it can change their lives for the better. In fact, it has helped even those shy kids to build lasting friendships, just like soccer coaching has done to me so far. I have made so many friends than I could ever imagine.