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Benefits of comics on kids

comics 2As a soccer coach, I spend most of my time with younger kids that I coach in my local area. One thing that I have realized is that kids can relate well to things that are funny, than things that seems serious and straight forward. At times, I allow my team to read for 30 minutes and I realized kids love comics. One day a 7 years old girl asked me to define eccentric, surveillance, forfeit, and why insomnia is bad. “What could she be reading?” I wondered. One thing I was sure of is that she wasn’t reading president’s biography, Garfield, or the New Yorker. I was surprised that she was nose deep in her comic book. In fact, she was able to answer all the questions she asked me. This is when I decided to offer comic drawing lessons after every soccer practice and kids loved it. If you think that comics aren’t of any help on kids, then you are wrong. Below are some of the benefits of comics on kids:

1. Increased inference
Comics are proven to improve inference skills for pre-school kids who struggle to read. Inference means reading between lines and enough comprehension. Comics are helpful in that they infer meaning from pictures and a child will be able to relate the picture to the story told in the book.

2. Add vocabularies
Some comic books intentionally introduce big words for kids to think over. It helps kids add to their personal world bank via inference while asking help from parents and even open a dictionary. Since it relates to a comic, a child is less likely to forget.

3. Future profession
As kids learn how to draw comics and you notice that your kid is good in it, you can keep on encouraging him to draw more to hone his skills. You do not have to assume that since nobody in your family has anything to do with cartooning it is not good for your son. The truth is there are numerous comic creators who are just first generation comic artists and are earning millions. It is hard to know your kids’ best profession. If your kid loves trucking, this is a job that he can combine with comics and still have great time. There numerous trucking companies offering trucking lessons. To learn more about this, you may read more here.

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4. Creating confidence
Pictures can effectively build a kid’s confidence. This is because when a child looks at a page with comics, he gets a positive perception of the text inside the book, rather than an overwhelming page full of text. Comics typically provide a few sentences with numerous emotional cues. Those kids who are not confident can be independent readers by looking at comics and seeing visual texts, such as “says Tom”,

5. Improved bonding
Nothing brings kids together like a case of giggles. Kids can rediscover their favorite funnies when sharing a good joke from a comic. Alternatively, a parent can choose a graphic novel for kids that talk about childhood complaints and issues.

6. A great pastime hobby
Comic drawing can be a great pastime hobby which can get kids started early since it is not physically demanding. Kids can easily pursue this hobby because it cannot affect their studies.

7. Improved eye coordination
Skills acquired in drawing comics will help kids in their studies. This is because it improves eye-hand coordination and observation skill which will help them even in the future regardless of the profession they choose.

Kids can learn the basics and start using their imaginations to come up with awesome comics that have never been seen. You will be surprised when you see them in future being the most sought after cartoon artists.