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The Benefits Of Playing Soccer For Your Children

family playing soccerGrowing up, I loved soccer and I always organized for community soccer matches when I became a little older. I would play soccer until I would forget to even go back home for lunch. My children are exactly like me, although I do not allow them to go play soccer in neighborhoods that are far away from where we live. I like encouraging them so that they can become better players and we have formed a community soccer football club where children always meet on weekends in the evenings so that they can play soccer.
Weekends are the days my family always looks forward to because after the soccer match, we head home to make some nice homemade food for dinner. We all have to get into the kitchen and prepare our dinner which is usually some nice fish with herbs that grow in our garden. I use one of my favorite fillet knives to carefully remove all the bones from the fish as the children grind the herbs with a good herb grinder I bought in a yard sale.
Although some of my friends do not like letting their children play, I always try to explain to them that the health benefits of playing soccer outweigh all the challenges that come with it. It is difficult trying to explain to them but most of them finally see my point of view and allow their kids to join the community soccer club. Here are some benefits of playing soccer for children;

Improves Fitness

A soccer player should be fit and agile. Soccer provides this since children jog up and down and run after the ball. These activities make their bones stronger and minimize their chances of becoming obese due to a sedentary life.

Builds Social Skills

A soccer team will enable your child to learn how to interact and to tolerate others. For a team to win a game, they must communicate effectively and also work together. Kids who play soccer have great social skills and high self confidence.

Develops A Good Self Image

Football has an emphasis on the success of a team and not an individual. It encourages team work and it puts very little stress on a child allowing the kid to identify personally with the success of their team. It is very rare for a soccer player to be singled out or to be put on the spot and soccer players share their success as a team rather than an individual. This allows children who are not so good at the game to participate in the game and enjoy.
Soccer also instills very important life lessons to children. It isn’t the most popular sport in the world for nothing. Encouraging your children to play will be improving the quality of their lives. There are so many other benefits of playing soccer, but these are the most important ones. As a soccer family, we always look forward to weekends so that we can go for a soccer match. It keeps us fit and happy.

How To Stay Health And Perform Better?

soccerplaySince the time I developed interest in becoming a better soccer player, I have realized one needs to develop good habits. After doing my own research, I noted that individuals who are successfully playing soccer today often have planned routines, which they stick to faithfully. I realized that if I wish to emulate these top players, then it might do me well to know what their usual habits are. The following is my daily soccer practice routine, which I came up with from my research:

1. I follow a healthy routine – I eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and get myself a restful sleep. These are important in order for me to maintain a healthful body. As much as possible, I must lead a nearly alcohol-free life. But knowing youths of today, booze is always part of partying. If I have to party with my friends, I do so in moderation and I closely monitor my alcohol intake so that even if I drink up, I will still be able to get up for practice in the morning. When it comes to drugs, trying it out is a big no-no. If you want to be a better soccer player, get into the habit of clean living and keep away of any vices.