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role of sportsThe importance of sports in every individual’s life and especially to students is inevitable. Apart from having numerous advantages related to physical health, there are numerous advantages that are related to mental well being. The importance of games and sports is increasingly being recognized in India and in other parts of the world from both educational and social points of view. More and more money is being allocated to encourage sports in schools, colleges, and even in the universities.

In the year 2012, the US department of health and human services reported that participation in sports records have reached record levels. In fact, during 2010-2011 academic years, 55% of high school students participated in sports. It is proven that sports can create an impact on kids and adults, offering them an opportunity to exercise as well as spending time with their peers in a healthy environment. You do not have to ignore that pool in your home that is cloudy. All you need to do is to clear cloudy in your pool water (this site has a good tutorial) and get sporting. Swimming is a great sport that you and the members of your family can take advantage of and reap the benefits.

Physical benefits
According to US department of human services and health, sports can make you stronger and healthier thus contributing to lower obesity rates. In most cases, athletes have lower body mass indexes, but this does not mean that if you are not an athlete you should not participate in sports, no. You can also benefit from developing muscles and burning calories as well. Active people records lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, participating regularly in sports, you will benefit from a better heart and lung functioning. If you train your child to engage in sports when young, he is likely to grow up as an active adult and this means that he/she will always be fit and healthy. Sports also leads to a healthy hair, if you want to enjoy every hairstyle for men, then you need to ensure that your hair stays healthy and exercising is the best way to maintain a healthy hair. Some of the games that you or your child can engage in are baseball, soccer, hockey, and swimming.

Healthy socializing
According to the research, children who like sports are less likely to engage themselves in drugs and smoking. Female athletes are also less likely to become pregnant at an early age. For children, playing may help them develop friendships centered on healthy, enjoyable, and safe activities. For adults, playing soccer may give them an opportunity to develop friendships centered around active lifestyle if we go deeper; team practice and competitions offer socializing options that are healthier and more active when compared to regular sessions.

Contribution to academic success
Those people who play sports tend to do better in school. This is according to US health and human services department. Students who are athletes attain higher grades on standardized tests. Apart from that, they also have low dropout rates and better chances of getting into colleges.

Building character values
When it comes to characters and values, sports plays a crucial role. This is according to sports and department org. This is because a coach can teach your kids on values such as honesty, team work and fair play. Learning to follow rules as well as respecting team mates is a crucial virtue in your child’s life. Experiencing the role of a graceful winner and a loser teaches you how to be humble and competition in general can teach participants about confidence, self-respect, and managing stress.

In conclusion, has sports has not only been said to be a manifestation of animal energy and surplus strength to develop more strength but it is also safe and wholesome solution for aggressive spirit in human beings. Take interest in sports, play, and make your life easy and better.