Here’s How to Support Your Kid’s Love for Soccer

Every parent wants the best for their child and because of all this love; you’ll want to know all what your kid is interested in. You make a point to always remain updated of his/her hobbies and interests so that you can come up with ways you can spend some time together as you connect.
One of the best ways of doing this is through sports. If your son or daughter tells you they are interested in playing soccer, think of how you can support your kid’s love for the game. Here are some tips that have worked for me. My children have always loved soccer since they were young and I had to come up with ways to support their love for the game all through the years.

Here, I share tips on how I support their love for soccer.

Young kids football team
Do not Force It

I understand it-you will be excited when your child starts showing their love for soccer. If it’s your first child, you may easily get carried away thinking that he will be the next David Beckham or Wayne Rooney. Some parents will even take their kids for practice six days in a week while others may enroll their children in more than one sport thinking that the child will be well rounded. The truth is that; this will actually make kids hate sports in general. If you notice your child is getting stressed over sports, this may be a sign of fatigue or boredom. Allow him to decide how many days of the week he wants to practice and then stick to that. If your child loves the sport, they will always make an effort to go to the field.

Injuries Do Happen

If you have not been in the field playing soccer, you may not be convinced that a 90 minute match can actually be dangerous. Players kick the ball with all their strength, and for those players with less control over their feet movements, it’s easy to kick the ball in the wrong direction thus causing injuries. Be ready to deal with small wounds and scratches as that comes as part of the game. As your child gets better in their soccer skills, the risk of injury lessens as well.

Show Constant Support

Be there during every game. Though this may sound so simple, it actually requires you to make some effort. Watching the game itself is a great teacher. As a parent, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from just sitting watching my kids play with others. I have also made it a point to discuss the game afterwards when we get home pointing out some tactics and errors that I observed while watching. When at home, create a fantasy sports league and play the FIFA video game with your child.

Learn the game

As a parent with a child who loves soccer, be sure to learn the game. Have some information on soccer rules, soccer terminology and equipment for soccer. You can also buy some videos about the game so that the entire family learns something about the game.
These are simple tips, but they are important ways of showing your child that you support their love for soccer. This also makes them feel confident when in the field.