How to create a fun coaching environment

Soccer is a fantastic game that should be enjoyable and fun for everyone in the field. When children play soccer, you can tell if they are having fun by the enthusiasm, energy, and effort that they put into the game. In most cases, this enthusiasm and energy is not seen into training session since some may appear unmotivated and disinterested when in training sessions mainly because they view training as meaningless or boring. All they want to do is to play. Therefore, it is a coach’s responsibility to create a fun training environment to make kids love the sessions. Here are tips to help you out:


A coach should have fun

You need to remember that enthusiasm is caught not taught. Kids can easily pick a coach’s mood and will end up mirroring their performance with your mood. If you are flat and disinterested, that is how they will be. A motivated and enthusiastic coach will have motivated and enthusiastic children to work with.


Maintain a competition

It is good that every player or group has a realistic opportunity for winning if you want to maintain their enthusiasm. With the use of a simple handicapping system can help you attain this, as long as it is dimmed to be fair.


Provide positive feedback

Making mistakes is an integral part of a learning process. In most cases, we learn from our mistakes and so does player. For this reason, a coach should ensure that a player is worldly rewarded for trying and give a positive feedback as to how to correct the mistake in future.


Coaching is so similar to any other form of learning and for this reason, a fun and friendly environment is crucial for kids to master all the skills effectively.