Things You Should Never Say at Your Kids Soccer Game

kids playing soccerMy two boys love soccer. They play a lot of soccer and I always accompany them whenever there is a match. Before we head out for any soccer match, I ensure I put enough sunscreen on their face to prevent them from a lot of exposure to the sun. They also have long hair which sometimes is usually quite a challenge dealing with, but I always use one of the best conditioners that works wonders on their long full hairs. My hair is also like theirs so to avoid any frizzy look while I am busy cheering them; I also ensure I visit my hairstylist who does a great job on my hair by conditioning it with one of my favorite conditioners that is usually very deep.

When they were a bit younger, I used to be so overly excited about a game and I would lose control and start yelling at them while they are playing. I have grown, and so have they. One of my boys once threatened that he would not go to a soccer match with me because I used to embarrass them by shouting at the top of my voice during soccer matches.

I realized my vocal behavior was interfering with how my sons performed and so I decided to always be quiet and calm during games, which also allowed me to listen to the things that we as parents say to our kids. Here is a list of some things you should never say to your kids during a soccer match.

That was stupid! You should start playing well!

This is one of the worst remarks most parents say to their children. I believe this phrase can be said in a better way like “you should be playing well or correctly” this only makes the kid angrier and you will just be lowering their self esteem.

Stop being lazy! Run after the ball!

Some parents will often say this phrase so loudly without thinking of what they are actually doing. I am sorry, but some parents are so unfit they cannot even run to save their lives. And here they are telling their kids who are in the pitch they are lazy? Seriously!

You are such a poor ref! You have no idea of the rules of the game!

Most refs in soccer matches for children are quite young about 17 years. A soccer match is usually very fast and it may be difficult to see everything that takes place in the field. I have at times gotten angry with refs but only if the game was getting out of control, and children are getting injured. Other than that, I always ensure I keep quiet during a game. Bad calls are often made, but at the end, they tend to balance out.

Stop crying like a girl and get up!

I am not a fan of the overprotective parents who keep worrying every time their kids get a small bump. Or parents that keep running in the field each time their child falls down. However, this is the opposite. What are you trying to teach your kid by shouting at them when they are actually hurting? Yes, I know some children need some tough love, but a little bit of attention doesn’t hurt.
I have stopped the mad cheering for my children, but that has made me realize that the best parents are the ones who encourage their children. Our kids do not want us to watch them in silence, but all they want to hear is some positive encouragement.